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Getting to Byron in 2020

With the border to Queensland and the Gold Coast Airport closed, many people are asking how can I get to Byron Bay other than a road trip? OK so we have been spoilt with our cheap flights to the Gold Coast Airport however, you can still travel here by air or rail if your concerned about social distancing on planes & you don't want to drive. Here are a few tips on how to do that!

As of mid June the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is back into full swing with flights which I am sure will sell out fast. So what other alternatives are there? You can also fly from Sydney to Lismore Regional airport with REX which is only a 30 minute drove to Byron Bay. The Rex flight is 2 hours as its doing the "milk run" and is going to land at Grafton or Coffs Harbour on route to Sydney.

An alternative to flying is the train. When I first started coming to Byron Bay in the late 80's cheap flights weren't a thing and the two alternatives were to either drive or take the train. Unfortunately you can no longer load your car on the XPT for $60o.00 -yes that was a thing! You can however, still travel here by train and this is a great way to get to the north coast of NSW.

The XPT departs from Central station in Sydney and stops at various stations along the way. It is possible to conveniently board the train from other stations in the Metropolitan Sydney area and further north.  The XPT leaves Sydney Central station at 7.08am each morning every day of the week and takes 13 hours to get to Byron Bay arriving at 8.22pm in the evening. The train itself no longer comes to Byron Bay instead it stops at Casino, about 1 hour west.  Travellers then hop on a State Rail Coach for the final leg of the journey. The return trip is an overnight train which isn't as bad as it sounds!

There are discounts for families and pensioners on the XPT with a full fare adult ticket starting at $63.54 one way. Go to State rail

to check seat availability and pricing. If your down for a road trip check out my article on road trips to Byron Bay, we hope you can make it here soon!